Briefly: An excuse to mention American Idol and Romo/Underwood

23 05 2007

One of our early claims to Internets fame (Ed. note: not to be confused with actual fame, unless you’re Gary Brolsma or Will Ferrell’s landlord)(Ed. note: even in Internets terms, this post was not really that big a deal) was an in-depth look at a humorous fan interference penalty during a Dallas-Orlando game that prevented Clint Dolezel from getting ever-closer to that 800 TD mark.

Because this was our first ‘big splash’, we took delight in seeing readers submitting comments, which until then, we hadn’t really had (to clarify, both readers and comments). One of those comments caught my eye, because it linked to a site about a contestant on “American Idol”. I didn’t think too much of it, mostly because I hadn’t watched an episode of “American Idol” since the audition of William Hung. I’ve actually been so unaware of “American Idol” that last year, when I was still working in a restaurant in my final year of college, I walked by the above-bar television during a slow post-lunch hour. I glanced at the screen, and asked my manager who the old guy with Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest was. My manager informed me that was Taylor Hicks, who had won the night before.

Anyhow, I didn’t think too much of our Idol commenter until recently, when I casually glanced through our archives to see how the site had progressed since we started in March. Again, I saw the Idol comment, then did a quick Google to see who it was and how they’d fared in the show.

The author was ‘Blake Lewis’. Tonight he finds out if he can look forward to the illustrious career of an “American Idol” winner like Reuben Studdard, or the lucrative career of an “American Idol” runner-up like Bo Bice.

We should point out that although the commenter name and (secret to you) email address is ‘Blake Lewis’, it doesn’t seem as though it’s run by the actual beat-box champ, or that he enjoys the ongoings of the Arena Football League. However, we look forward to the day when he follows in the footsteps of “Idol” winner Carrie Underwood and dates Tony Romo, so we have another excuse to put up this picture:

Carrie Underwood

So, go Blake. Beat …your competitor. I actually have no idea who you’re up against, all I know for sure is that recently Paula broke her face. And it wasn’t Simon’s fault.


This is What Happens When You Get a Link on Deadspin

29 03 2007


What happens is that your small little Mom and Pop blog, [TC note: Who’s the mom? Do I have to be the mom?] which since its beginning was generally getting ten to twenty hits a day, gets almost 1,500 hits in four hours.

Thank you, Deadspin, for this little moment in the sun.

Now get ready for us to be totally awkward. We’re going to call you like twenty times a day, and when you don’t call us back, we’ll ask if we did something wrong. Two months down the road, you’ll totally be chilling with Ladies… and With Leather at the club, and we’ll stumble over to you, maybe throw a drink in your face, and tell everyone willing to listen that we’re too good for you, and then we’ll probably vomit on our shoes and fall asleep at the all-night Burger King down the street.

Fair warning. And now, back to business as usual. Which for TC, means finding adorable Disney-feature-worthy animals to slaughter for his Investment Banking (note: not really investment banking) Overlords, and for J Fizzle, doing whatever it is he does at his office while staring wistfully at the strip club across the street.

Zapruder-ing the fan interference at Orlando v Dallas

28 03 2007

Judging from the wide variety of Google searches that lead readers to It’s Still Football yesterday, which at 79 total views was our biggest day since opening shop, a few people surfing on The Internets would like to know about the ‘fan intereference’ penalty that happened on Monday night as Orlando hosted Dallas. Previously we provided a brief explanation about the incident as was described in the game’s live-blog, linked to the game recap and video on ESPN, and updated an earlier post with general AFL queries. It’s not enough. You all want more. All approximately 37 of you want more. So here we go. Please note all time measurements are completely fabricated, as I screen-grabbed these from the ESPN video, because I live as a 17th-century serf and I don’t have Tivo. Read the rest of this entry »

A Steve Bartman wannabe

27 03 2007

His name is “Peach Shirt”

Missed the sweet “fan interference” AFL action on ESPN2 last night? Curious what the ‘peach-shirted douche’ did during the game? Catch the video highlight right here.

As it turns out, he had no effect on the game, as Dallas managed to eek out a 70-49 victory without the TD and subsequent missed field goal going into half time. We here at It’s Still Football admire the balls it took for Peach Shirt to stay on the field and showboat after the play. Well, not admire the balls so much as the Schnapps he probably loaded up on prior to kickoff.

Fellow alcoholic Other Gruden probably would have bought Peach Shirt a drink after the game had the Predators actually won, but winning on Monday Night Football does not seem to be one of Orlando’s early-season strengths.

UPDATE: Check out our in-depth analysis of the footage here.