Briefly: Rush vs. Slaughter? (or: “Steve McMichael, Friggin’ Genius?”)

21 02 2010

Allow me to quote directly (and completely) from Dave Kaplan and Fred Mitchell’s Around Town column in the Chicago Tribune today:

Steve McMichael, coach of the Indoor Football League Slaughter, has issued a dare to the Rush of the new Arena Football League.

“I want to challenge them to a game or a scrimmage,” McMichael said Friday during a news conference to announce that former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon is among the team’s new owners. “I think it would be great for Chicago. I know (one of) their owners, Mike Ditka, (whose favorite charities are) Misericordia, the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation … the money can go to that.”

When was Steve McMichael granted the wisdom of Solomon? I always thought he was recommending cleaving infants in two because he was bughouse crazy. But perhaps he was… crazy as like unto a fox? On the other hand, if the infant AFL wants to keep the IFL as a satellite, AAA league, the Rush had better only accept this game if they think they can win.




2 responses

21 02 2010

This game has to happen. I will go with you to help you cover it. It would be like when NU used to play ETHS and the alumni teams back in the 1890s.

6 03 2010

The Rush won’t do it. They know this new product of theirs is NOT what it once was. New less well-endowed owners (financially), players going thru the motions for $400/game, but they charge the same for tix as before. Same price, worse product?

The Slaughter are a much more economical hit to the fan’s wallet and put basically the same kind of talent on the field. That’s why the Rush won’t play them. They are scared this new Rush team will be exposed as frauds when they lose.

Right now the Slaughter are a better deal for your entertainment dollar, plus you got all those ’85 Bears running around out there at the Sears Centre and Mongo getting in the official’s faces is worth the $8 ticket price. Allstate just has Ditka as their pseudo-owner/spokesman, but you rarely see him around other than his mug staring at you from the various Rush literature.

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