Well, fuck.

15 12 2008
Really, guys? Aw, hell.

Really, guys? Aw, hell.

Announcement to come later today, apparently. The good news is, maybe we can get our hands on some cheap gear?

P.S. This doesn’t affect the af2, so, if you’re really looking for some sloppy indoor football… well, you might want to seek professional help first.

UPDATE: Yes, indeed, Operation Shutdown is in effect. From the league office:

We remain grateful to the greatest fans in the world for their avidity and their patience. It is with them in mind that the AFL, its owners and its players remain committed to resuming play as soon as it is feasible.

I’m not even interested in figuring out who or what to blame. So, I blame us, It’s Still Football, for not mocking hard enough last season.

Oh, and the economy. I also blame the economy.




5 responses

15 12 2008

Wow. That sucks huge.

15 12 2008

I blame my lackluster commentary during the A-Bowl. Which mean, I guess, that I blame Tom for going off to whatever “actual job” thing he had.

But, the Soul can hang on to that trophy for an extra year. WOOOOO!

16 12 2008

It’s Still Football: CIFL edition?

16 12 2008

Just when we thought all was lost, here comes the UFL baby. http://www.ufl-football.com

Can “Its Still Football (UFL)” be far behind?

16 12 2008

I’m a huge backer of all off-brand football, but a six-team league is such horseshit, as anybody who tried to get interested in the second wave World League/NFLE can attest. One of the things the XFL got right was that you need eight teams, minimum, just to keep things interesting.

Maybe we’ll get more CFL games on US TV or something. Sigh.

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