Arena Bowl XXII – The Live Blog

27 07 2008

It’s Here! Today! We’re going CoverItLive-style, and you know what that means: no embedding! Following links! Extreme laziness!

Who will take home the Kraken of professional sports trophies? San Jose or Philadelphia? I know I predicted San Jose, but I really want to see Bon Jovi hoist this thing with his spindly arms.

Keep in the care of this guy? No. Hell no.

Keep in the care of this guy? No. Hell no.

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This Guy? Maybe.

This Guy? Maybe.

This Guy? Could Be...

This Guy? Could Be...




5 responses

27 07 2008

oh my gosh!!! im so happt the philadelphia soul’s won!!! they deserve it!!! congrats jon bon jovi, u rock!!

28 07 2008


28 07 2008

Sweet. Plus, and while I’m no great fan of his, but I seem to recall some spidlying-arm related hoisting to boot. Oh, and N.O. was… a thing. Now that I’ve been there I’m strongly reevaluating my whole “Ya know, they should move the pre-chosen site around to make things fair” thing. Threaded fastener fair.

9 08 2008
leslie Fox

I think that future generation will look back on this Soul team as one of the greatest squads ever trod the holy carpet of the arena.

5 09 2008
M. Neff

Who was Bon Jovi giving the bird too? Arena football can be fun to watch once in a while, but it’s all about the NFL. Congratulations to Philadelphia once again though.

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