This ArenaBowl is brought to you by the letters M, V, and the number 7

23 07 2008
This'll learn us some maths!

This'll learn us some maths!

Okay. The ArenaBowl is nearly upon us. As compared to last season’s painfully in-depth playoff coverage, due to a multitude of boring excuses we’ve done little to guide you through this year’s harrowing journey of [checking ESPN] Philadelphia and San Jose to New Orleans for ArenaBowl XXII.

How are we going to make it up to you?

With some sweet DVD giveaways, THAT’S HOW.

For whatever reason [most likely: we run a sports blog; least likely: our leather-bound books and odors of rich mahogany], we were recently contacted by some fine folks who offered us FIVE COPIES of the hotly anticipated Sesame Street sporting spectacular DVD “COUNT ON SPORTS”.

Want a copy? Leave a comment with your prediction of who will be the victor of Arena Bowl XXII for your chance to bring home the bacon, in Sesame Street DVD form.

Check back this weekend for an ARENA BOWL XXII LIVE BLOG, and coming soon, a LITERARY REVIEW OF SAID SESAME STREET DVD.

Don’t even act like we don’t love you. Now put a wager in the comments. We’ll draw winners at random if there’s more than five folks calling the game. Voting stops at kickoff.




7 responses

24 07 2008

Soul 62 Sabercats 58


24 07 2008

I just discovered that Richie Sambora is a member of the Soul ownership group. How can we fail when twice as much is rock on our side?

Robust and I think alike, except I think the Soul defense will make a couple more stops. Say Moten has a couple picks. Plus Jaws converts a drop kick to put the icing on the cake.

Philly 67, San Jose 45

24 07 2008

I can’t pick against Grieb in the playoffs.

56-45, San Jose.

24 07 2008

So we’ve got Jaws vs. Jaws. That’s Ron “Jaws” Jaworski against the Jaws of the Shark Tank where the Sabercats play. Bon Jovi vs. Silicon Valley. Hmmm… Philly 66 San Jose 53

25 07 2008

I gotta go with the Kansas City Brigade. That team is HUNGRY FOR A WIN.

Kansas City 82, Philadelphia 3.

25 07 2008

Philly 54, SJ 33.

28 07 2008

Robust was pretty damn close!

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