Not a moment too soon: presenting your “Official ‘It’s Still Football’ Craptacular Virgin ArenaBowl XXII Playoff Bracket

28 06 2008

Granted, this comes a day late, but we don’t call it Craptacular for nothin’. Look for a Virgin (Wild)Card Weekend Wrap Up Spectacular soon! In the meantime, get back to watching (UGGH) Colorado and Utah.

Sorry, Brett.




3 responses

28 06 2008

They reseed, so if Grand Rapids wins… well… yeah.

I thought the Utah/Colorado game was actually pretty good. Captain Videtich’s struggles continue, but the football didn’t *feel* 6-10.

29 06 2008

Yeah, we’ll reseed as necessary – inasmuch as neither ESPN or really laid out the scheduling we were flying a little blind. For anyone curious, let’s just say my company training with Excel made this years’ bracket far less cumbersome.

Agreed, Utah/Colorado was actually a pretty good game, I was happy with the outcome inasmuch as I’m a homer for Ben Nelson and I’ve spent most of the season railing on Utah.

3 08 2008


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