Instant replay? The future is now!

16 05 2008

Pictures and sound, prerecorded and transmitted via radio beams!

The Arena Football League is pioneering a new technology, and will introduce it just in time for the 2008 playoffs: using the videofilm machines already in place to verify the outcomes of questionable plays on the field. By making a recording of the game-in-progress, videofilm technicians will be able to pull film from close calls to review the recordings of varying camera angles in “slowed time motion” to verify that the correct calling on the field is made. The Arena Football League is referring to this unheard of achievement of futuristic technological ingenuity tentatively as “instantaneous gametime moviefilm review for accuracy”.

Thus far, reactions to the advance have been mixed by fans of the Arena Football League, as some welcome the advance, and bemoan the fact it has taken so long to make the necessary innovations, whereas other question its possible effect to the sanctity of the game, its referees, and its inclusion mid-season, the effects of which we will not fully understand until the system of videofilm-confirming reviews are introduced this post-season.

Verily, the future is here!





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