Monday Night (Arena) Football Liveblog: Philly at Georgia

12 05 2008

So, as we’re all well aware, there’s a crazy gimmick for tonight’s MN(A)F game: your announcing crew is… everybody! We’re going to try to document this disaster. My theory: train wreck that a plane crashes on to, the wreckage of which is loaded onto a tanker which runs aground in the Aleutian Islands, and everyone who isn’t eaten by polar bears is picked up by a zeppelin that explodes.

Other analysis: Philadelphia by 17. Georgia has been awkwardly stumbling from game to game on defense, and hasn’t really found a rhythm on offense. Philadelphia is (a) operating like a surgeon and (b) irritated about letting their guard down last week. Let’s see what happens.

We’re also going to try this liveblogging software thing, and if it works, great, if it doesn’t… Sorry, four people.

If you’re interested, do this thing:

Okay, you should be seeing frames, and you’re probably not. Work, dammit! And if it doesn’t end up working, go here: LIVEBLOG!

That was fun. My thoughts, from the end of the liveblog were thusly:
I think we were best served when Ray was commenting by himself. Also, if we could get a more judicious use of the microphones, instead of “Hey, it’s the guys on the field all the time: isn’t that weeeeeeirrrrd?” that’d be great. Stick Ray on the sidelines, because that was cool, but let him talk more.

The game was a solid B+ (Philadelphia played pretty sloppily), and the experiment a B or B-.




2 responses

13 05 2008

I actually kind of enjoyed it myself, at first it was kind of uncomfortable (making it a pretty excellent fit for the AFL actually), but you got used to it.

One thing that was a definite plus: I didn’t have to hear the AFL rules explained to me every five minutes.

13 05 2008

I didn’t really have a problem with it, although I think it would have been better if they had simply picked a plan and run with it. In the early going it seemed like they were trying to play it fairly pure–not telling us about plays, not identifying who was involved in a play, who the intended receiver was, who made the tackle, etc. etc. By the end, Bentley was doing most of that stuff–which was okay, but they should have picked a direction and run with it.

Another plan might be to mic only Connell Maynor.

Actually, perhaps the most interesting lesson from it was that although it seemed weird that D’Orazio was beating himself up for his ONE INCOMPLETION (at that point), he was right to do so–since a timely extra score would have meant the difference in the final score. (That, and a smidge of last-minute defense.)

Also the ref asking Bentley where the ball was down was pretty classic. Off-brand football is great for this kind of thing. I have part of an old World League game on tape where Stan Gelbaugh has to yell at the refs for placing the ball on the wrong hash mark (college vs. pro mark).

I’ll stop now.

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