Philly wins in blowout; VooDoo woo NY Times?

29 04 2008

Dear God, grant us the strength to hold this pose for the NY Times photographer.

For anyone interested, the New York Times (“All the News That’s Fit To Print Online Which Technically Isn’t Printing But We Use the Word in the Sense of ‘Publishing’ but Hell if We Change Our Motto”) website is running a front page, above the ‘fold’ (“All the News ah Eff It You Get the Joke”) story about Danny Wimprine and the surging New Orleans VooDoo. Central thesis: Danny Wimprine is a really nice guy (like other AFL QBs we know and love), New York doesn’t have an arena football team so far as they know, New Orleans is still rebuilding (who knew?).

Also, last night’s Game of Unbeatens wasn’t nearly as close as we thought it might be, Philly laid down the smack, beating Dallas 57-28.

Dallas Desperadoes owner Jerry Jones was reached for comment:

Joooooooooooooon [Bon Jovi]!




3 responses

29 04 2008

Concerned about the injuries to the secondary in the second half, and a 3 day turnaround to play on the road in Cleveland seems a little unfair.

But for right now… 9-0.

30 04 2008

I’m starting to think that Dr. Dolezel got his Ph.d at a diploma mill. Well… either that or his should is still gimpy.

30 04 2008

err… “shoulder”

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