CERTIFIED IRRELEVANT: this is why you proof-read and occasionally research

17 04 2008

The masses have spoken: this is likely not Jim Thome’s car. Of course, when writing the post in my brain last Friday, it was a little heavier on the “this could easily not be Jim Thome’s car” and lighter on the “this is the car of Jim Thome and the back of that guys’ head moderately resembles the back of Jim Thome’s head”.

Ironically, a Google of “Jim Thome License Plate” brought up his JockBio, which states his vanity plate of choice is “25 DBTH” for his jersey number and “Don’t Believe the Hype”.

So, “Don’t Believe the Hype” where ‘the’ is ‘my’ – JM most likely did not tailgate and surreptitiously (read: painfully obviously) photograph Jim Thome and his car for the masses.

Anywho – how ’bout them Soul?




2 responses

17 04 2008

Still, you’re a better blogger than I. I spent a little while trying to find info on Thome’s car, and a) I didn’t find squat, and b) I thought to search about his plates.


17 04 2008

We like the hustle.

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