CERTIFIED IRRELEVANT: White Sox players and their license plates

16 04 2008

Question: if you were a prominent professional athlete, would you prefer to keep some anonymity or flaunt it to every maniac traversing down the Kennedy?

Apparently, White Sox DH Jim Thome says ‘if you got it, flaunt it’, as JM, traveling home from work on the inbound Kennedy last Friday afternoon, found himself traveling behind this:

Yup, that’s a white Pontiac Vibe with Sox and Under Armor decals in the windows and a World Champion license plate cover. Although I couldn’t get a real good look, it seemed to be Thome at the helm, slugging through almost-rush-hour traffic like so many home runs.

  Apparently I caught him on the way to a frustrating evening.




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16 04 2008

I have trouble believing that Jim Thome has a cheaper car than I do. Unless that sticker in the lower left is a Sox personnel parking pass, I think it’s just a fan.

Of course, if it is a fan, that Under Armour sticker is really really lame.

16 04 2008

I didn’t get a real good look at the driver, but it did look like Thome. However, this would mean he was driving to the Cell for a night game and at 4:45 was by O’Hare.

So, in a nutshell, I know nothing.

16 04 2008

6’3, 255 pounds is a lot to squeeze into the driver’s seat of a Vibe if you don’t, strictly speaking, have to.

Add to the equation that the plate holder is emblazoned “Champions” and he wasn’t on the championship team, and I think we’ve just got a Sox fan sighting.

17 04 2008

I gotta agree, no way does Thome drive a Vibe. Vibes are decent cars for common folks like me, but Thome would be driving at least a BMW. Plus I doubt he’d put those goofy stickers on the car. Plus Compton’s observation about the “Champions” frame pretty much seals it for me. Sorry fanboy: That wasn’t Thome.

21 04 2008

I’ve seen this car before in the Rosemont area. It USED to have a Cleveland Indians sticker and license plate holder on it.

3 09 2009

Mr. Thome drives a Hummer.

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