They Care! Because Somebody Did Something Stupid!

7 04 2008

The weekend in review post is coming, but one thing had to happen first. The AFL got more than scant recognizance on ESPN! Woo! It took something outrageous to happen, like Orlando’s Elton Patterson blowing out his quad doing some sort of jig in the end zone to fire up the Predators faithful, but Kornheiser and Wilbon care! They actually care! Plus, this gives me an excuse to run the footage of his leg exploding.

Ah, youthful exuberance. It can happen to the best of us, right, Random Gramatica Brother?




One response

8 04 2008

That’s got to be an awful injury, but the sight of him putting his leg down and finding out he doesn’t have one? Well, it merits many many (many) viewings.

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