Reader Suggestion Theater: Things for Utah’s Mascot to do

25 03 2008

this is probably a bad idea

Chief of the Utah Blaze is challenging YOU, dwindling Utah Blaze fans, to challenge HIM to entertain YOU during what could be the Blaze’s fifth-straight LOSS versus Georgia this Saturday, and per his page, the front office doesn’t want to see him lit on fire unless you really REALLY want it.

Our ideas thus far:

  • Attempt the drop-kick-field-goal …um, while jumping off a trampoline
  • Boxing match with giant fire hydrant
  • Showing the defense how to stop a third or fourth down conversion
  • Any of the above with something on fire

Leave your suggestions in the comments – if you’re so inclined, suggest them directly to the man dog himself here.




3 responses

25 03 2008

Like Dr. Julius Hibbert, I prescribe fire, and lots of it.

25 03 2008

RobustYoungSoul’s prompt commenting (less than five minutes from posting) is second only to his in-depth ranking of video game titles, and, I imagine, being damned good at not letting his wife get annoyed with said video games.

25 03 2008

I would like to see Chief drop-kicked through the uprights. But any sort of action that propels him through the gap — did you know it’s only 9-feet wide? — will suffice.

And if he can do it through a ring of fire, to satisfy rys, all the better.

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