Trent Green prefers a stretcher

7 03 2008

Damien Harrell has a white dot on his head.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the AFL has beat the NFL to the punch in something that, I daresay, is a good idea, in that ‘this is possibly far too complicated a way to solve this problem’ kind of way. Last weekend, the AFL experimented with the ‘shockometer‘, which is a triangular device attached to the back of the helmet that measures the severity of a hit, the idea being that team doctors will be able to easily determine whether a player is at risk of a concussion, and if necessary, take them out of the game. The NFL doesn’t exactly have the best track recordwhen it comes to the safety of their employees, so legit props to the AFL for at least pretending to care about the well-being of their players.

We’re not sure how long the testing period will last, but on last Monday’s game several players could be seen with the device attached to the back of their helmets. I momentarily thought a few players had concussions in the screen grab below, but realized I was looking at the logo of the AFL Omni-Sponsor.

the entire offense does not have a concussion

We’ll keep an eye on whether the this actually works, but we can at this point comfortably assert that the ‘shockometer’, while sounding like a weapon from Duke Nukem, has improved significantly from its original design:

dude, I hate Kid Tracker

“Wes Ours just sat on my head!”




One response

8 03 2008

Don’t they know the shockometer is going to be like the bell at the carnival, you know the one that you hit as hard as you can with the sledgehammer. The players will have bets out on who can light the lamp. I read somewhere that the mouth guard use by the N.E. Patriots is the official mouth guard of the Arena football league. You would think this type of prevention would be a priority, nevermind some after the injury light on the helmet. The Pats had one concussion last year, the Colts over twelve. When you see Payton Manning on the sidelines doing smelling salts, that’s bad new’s, unless of course your a Pats fan.

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