Utah Blaze Totally Don’t Freak Out At All, Cut Videtich

6 03 2008

Nobody else… ever… did this for the Blaze. (Silent weeping)

DID YOU KNOW: The Utah Blaze have only had one kicker ever?

DID YOU KNOW: Steve Videtich only needed one field goal to tie the record for career field goals made? AND that he already holds the record for most extra points with more than 1,000?

DID YOU KNOW: That he missed a 36-yard field goal and an extra point that would’ve defeated the (possibly) lowly Arizona Rattlers this past weekend?

DID YOU KNOW: The Utah Blaze reacted like somebody had failed to provide them with a pony for their 16th birthday party, and released the shit out of Videtich today?

DID YOU KNOW: That I made a LOLKicker for poor Steve that made me feel so bad, I decided not to run it?

He’ll probably get picked up by someone else, and we’ll have a good subplot of the Phoenix variety. I hope. But be warned, Joe Germaine and the rest of the Utah Blaze players I can’t think of right now: Coach Danny White is running this ship like Darth Vader ran the search for the Millennium Falcon:

Chokes To Death::

Okay, I’ll run the one that made me sad, after the jump.

I really feel badly about this

He just looks so despondent. I sympathize with kickers! I’m sorry!




2 responses

6 03 2008

Maybe he’ll go to the NFL and kick 9 FGs in a game. Screw you Rob Bironas!

8 03 2008

I wondered if his refusing to report to camp would bit him in the ass.


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