What On Earth Can We Expect: San Jose SaberCats

28 02 2008


Close, but no cigar.


  • American Conference, Western Division
  • Reigning Arena Bowl XXI Champions, overall 2007 record 13-3
  • If you make a joke to Mark Grieb’s dad in the aftermath of the Arena Bowl about how his MVP son is using his degree in biochemistry from UC Davis and Masters in Education from Stanford in a very unconventional way, Mark Grieb’s dad will think you are a total asshat

A Paragraph About Upcoming Horror/Delight:

Count on more delight from the SaberCats in 2008. Long the favorite of TC, San Jose has a dapper head coach in Darren Arbet that’s able to get a lot out of his players, most notably, the aforementioned Absurdly Well-Educated Mark Grieb. Did TC and I really have a say in his MVP status in Arena Bowl XXI? That can’t actually be true [ed. note: it actually is]. Although San Jose lost a lot of talent in the offseason to trades and returning only a third of 2007’s squad to the roster, the roster does include Grieb, veteran WR James Roe, and WR/DB Jason “Rock You Like a Hurricane (alum)” Geathers. Could they pull a repeat? They have as good a chance as any as heading to New Orleans in July, but we’ll see for sure. Something you can take all the way to the bank, though, is the SaberKittens will make some horny old man think of a joke about them being welcome to their ‘scratching posts’ at least once a quarter.

Bullet Points About People:

  • Blatant homerism: OL William Obeng, DB Omarr Smith, QB Scott Rislov, and DB Trestin George all attended my mother’s alma matter, San Jose State
  • Grieb’s notorious Las Vegas Outlaws teammate, Rod “He Hate Me” Smart, is on the AAFL’s Team Tennessee. Relevant? Not in the slightest.

The Good:

Offense – tied with Dallas for most points scored in 2007. Even though I haven’t mentioned it, defense – #2 per points allowed. Coaching – Arbet’s won three Arena Bowls, offensive coordinator Terry Malley has been with the team since it’s inception in 1994. Dedicated rabid fan base armed with cowbells.

The Bad:

Expectations to pull a repeat. Grieb’s mobility out of the pocket could be an issue if his protection can’t handle the jack. Green and gold works, so long as they don’t go all yellow a-la Oregon State. Chicago in the playoffs.

Completely Arbitrary Prediction:

Will the SaberCats improve on their 13-3 record? Will they face the Rush in the conference title game yet again? Will a 2049 Error close the HP Pavilion for good?

Maybe, possibly, and no.




4 responses

28 02 2008

you forgot a key bullet point about Greib. He’s a dork. Check out the “Classic” book on the XFL “Long Bomb” –which describes the Vegas team in detail and observes that Grieb was not exactly Mr. Party.

28 02 2008

Fez, any comment I make one way or another is completely negated by the fact I co-edit a blog about Arena Football.

We’re pretty sure promptly after winning the Arena Bowl, Grieb and the Mrs. got in their new Mitsubishi Spider and drove directly to Stanford to get some more edumactions.

28 02 2008

Returning only 1/3? They’re returning 15 of 17 starters alone.

28 02 2008

My bad. Per the SaberCats website, the 2008 roster features “nine players who played in all 19 games last year”. Don’t try to blog and work at the same time, kids.

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