Guest Post! In Re: Chicago Rush Sartorial Choices

20 02 2008

Unis and Ladies

Hi all. I’m Josh, and even though I never remember to post on my own blog, I’m writing a little blurb for my friends here at It’s Still Football.  Why? Because of something that combines my favorite things in the world: off-beat sports, online polls, & criticizing peoples’ fashion choices.

The Chicago Rush are introducing a third jersey this season — May 19th against LA. Mark your calendars — and they’re soliciting fan advice on which pants and helmets to pair it with.  There’s a poll on their front page and some illustrations featuring Gloria and Jen of the (Mit) SoBe (shi) Adrenaline Rush dancers.
With no offense to the lovely photoshopped ladies, can I just say how awful the third jersey is?  Your away jersey is already navy blue with silver, and you choose black with silver for the alternate?  I know the league is not known for it’s subtlety in uniform design, but please.  Are you trying to throw back to old Roger Staubach-era Army unis?
I’ll be voting for black helmets/silver pants.  Partly because I do think it’s kind of classy, but mostly because of that look that the Gloria on the right keeps giving me.



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