Inside the Gladiator’s front office

1 02 2008

At least Goddess starts with a G

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING: “All right, guys, we pared it down to sixteen pre-med students from Cleveland State. When they were in Las Vegas, they called them the Goddesses. We have to be able to do better than that, right?”

“How about Gladiator-ettes?”


“Sword Chicks?”


“Junior Brownies?”

“Dog Pounders?” 

“Marketing Associates?”

No. Come on, guys. Think outside the box a little bit. Something sexy that maybe starts with a ‘G’, this isn’t rocket science.”

[Ten minutes pass. Director of Marketing picks up phone, dials]

“Hey Bernie… yeah, we’re going with ‘Goddesses’.”

Hat-tip to Josh for the heads-up.




2 responses

1 02 2008

How about Gladiolas? Glad-handers? Gladiatrices? Glad-y Cats?

1 02 2008

The moment the phrase ‘that’s a nice piece of Gladi-ass’ popped into my mind, I hit myself in the head with a shovel.

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