Tampa Bay Storm Does the Right Thing, Does Not Incur Our Wrath

30 01 2008

Brett Dietz. Brett Dietz beat up William Jennings Bryan

Victory has been achieved! Tampa Bay locked in their award-winning QB (and Friend of The Blog) Brett Dietz for the next three years. Three years, and I’m going to say, oh, a zillion dollars. And a pony. And a guest spot on 30 Rock where he gets to date Tina Fey. Am I projecting? Yes. But, since the AFL releases information like they’re doing their best Pravda imitation, I get to pick the details.

He joins Mark Grieb (San Jose, laser vision, 1 measly year) and Joe Germaine (Utah, Peep imitation, 4 years) in the club of those who have re-upped with their teams.




One response

30 01 2008

Yay for Brett. If you remind me that the season is starting, I will definitely be a Storm fan.

But what I really wanted to say is that Pravda is symbolized by the rolled-up newspaper, and when translated is “truth.”

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