Cleveland Whatevers owner’s wedding sort of like “Friends” pilot

24 01 2008

A questionable decision by Jim Ferraro, owner of the former Las Vegas Gladiators:

He left Las Vegas, understandable…

“This team has done nothing but lose money and games in Las Vegas. I’m out.

“What’s that? No, I’m not going to sell and cut my loses. I’m thinking of maybe just pulling up the ol’ stakes and relocating.

“I don’t know. Maybe a better town would be …Cleveland?”

An obviously dipshit move by Jim Ferraro, owner of the (current) Cleveland Gladiators:

He left this as well, not so understandable

“Do you, aging and greasy asswipe, take this incredibly attractive woman, Patricia Delinois, who happens to be the CEO of a major real-estate broker, to be your lawfully wedded wife, and put her before all other persons in your life – your parents, your children?*” (*actually said by presiding pastor)

“Meh. I don’t think I’m ready for this. Peace.”

Apparently he’s trying to woo her back after leaving her at the altar of an exclusive $100,000 wedding, and flowers and text messages aren’t working. Maybe if QB Jason Fife completes a Hail Mary to propel the Gladiators into the playoffs, she’ll take him back, provided he’s ready?

According to Ferraro, he thinks the story will probably have a happy ending. According to me, Ferraro should give me Patricia’s phone number. I button my shirts!




One response

24 01 2008

I don’t think any amount of buttoning could save that shirt. And it really makes for the trifecta of bad decisions: Financial! Personal! Sartorial! D’Artagnan!

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