Da Coach says…

23 01 2008
“Hey broads, if you’re going to be attending my Chicago Rush’s Pinot and Pigskin, you’d better get used to drinking my mother-friending wine. Look at that: I even checked my language for the benefit of you chicks.”


P.S. It benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Also: there are still times when we could use an AFL primer, so Joe will be playing the Tony Curtis role, and I will be Jack Lemmon, as we attempt to infiltrate this ladies’ event.


Not really.


Probably not really.


Almost certainly not really.


But maybe.




4 responses

23 01 2008

You guys were in the freaking Arena Bowl press booth. Surely a little Ditka winefest isn’t beyond your capabilities.

(Speaking of which, is there really any excuse for you guys not to be rubbing elbows with Barry Rozner or whoever in the Horizon press booth every Rush home game this season?)

23 01 2008

Other than our off-season posting pace, which could best be described as “glacial”? Probably not. I’ll have our staff look into it. (P.S. We do not have a staff.)

23 01 2008

Are you taking applications? What benefits do you offer?

23 01 2008

‘…our off-season posting pace, which could best be described as “glacial”?’

Wait, we’re still posting?


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