Bernie Kosar Didn’t Think This’d Be So Much Work

27 11 2007

Apparently, we’re not the only ones that noticed that Bernie Kosar apparently threw some money at his lawyer-friend, stood around for some photo ops, and then took a 4-month nap. Hey, Bernie, just so you know, the Gladiators were terrible last year. Doing something about that would perhaps be in your best interests.

In Cleveland’s defense, they picked up Raymond Philyaw, who isn’t wildly incompetent, but also apparently isn’t flashy enough for the Cleveland Leader. I do like the idea of Tim Couch handling the QB position for the Cleveland No-Names, and getting schooled by Dr. Dolezel and Messrs. Dietz, Graziani, and Grieb. At least. But why stop there? Craig Krenzel’s available! Cleveland’s not necessarily OSU country, but it’d be a thumb in the eye of Columbus, right? Can they wait two years for Dan Whelan to graduate from Case Western Reserve? He brought the Spartans their first University Athletic Association championship in… ever!

Tim Couch! Craig Krenzel!

Couch, Krenzel, and, someday…

Dan Whalen!

Whalen: Cleveland TBA Ring of Honor.

You know what, they should totally be the Cleveland TBA. That’d be awesome. But they’re probably going to be something crappy like “Rockers,” or “Bulldogs.” Good luck to you, City of Cleveland! The AFL cares about you! Maybe!




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