Bernie Kosar makes a phone call

25 10 2007

Um… what? Why?

Hello, Tom? Hi, it’s Bernie Kosar!

No, Bernie. Kosar.

No, I’m not a truant officer looking for child support.

I’m not Belichick’s butler.

I’m a pro-bowl QB from the Browns. No, I know. No, I’m not Brady Quinn. I know he isn’t.

You probably don’t remember because you weren’t old enough to be riding the pine at Michigan.

Anyhow, I have a proposition for you. You looked pretty decent last week against the Dolphins, six TD passes. Not too shabby.

Me? In a single season? Um… 22. Really? Good for you. On pace for 61? Must be nice having Randy Moss around.

If you can do a little better, you could be looking at a starting position on my new team.

Football. Your offseason, a chance for you to keep sharp. I’d need you to throw at least 6 TDs a game though. 49 points won’t exactly cut it.

It’s the arena league.

Cleveland. You’ll love it.

You’d be looking at a contract for 200.

No, dollars. A game.





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