Briefly: Media Synergy? Maybe?

3 10 2007

Tonight, on Kitchen Nightmares: the New York Dragons?

Really? They invited the New York Dragons to The Melting/Mixing/Melange Bowl or whatever the restaurant is called… to do… something. I have no idea. I’m going to try to get a screen capture if I can download it off of my TiVo.

It was completely random, but I do have to (shamefully) admit that I went “Woo! New York Dragons! It’s… that guy! Rohan Davey? Where’s Aaron Garcia? Probably tripped over a Best Boy and hurt himself,” when I saw them.

(It totally was Rohan Davey, by the way. Should I be frightened that I knew that?)

UPDATE: This requires a fuller examination. Watch this space. You know, if you’re entirely bored and want to know what a mediocre football team was doing on a weird reality show where a famous chef drops the f-bomb on horribly-run restaurant.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: This does not require a fuller examination. It is incredibly boring without being able to embed anything. The incompetent manager fails to log the reservations for, like, three New York Dragons, and it causes a flip-out, and it’s all very… whatever. There was some chicanery at the end where the employees play a little bit with the Dragons at their practice facility, but nothing explodes, and nobody re-injures Aaron Garcia or anything. If you like Kitchen Nightmares, you saw this. If you like the New York Dragons, comment below, because I wish to be informed of your existence, which I heretofore have considered mythical, like the Yeti. I also added a link to TWoP’s recap, which is also pretty good.¬†




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