Godspeed, Bobby Sippio

13 08 2007

Well, the puppy-devouring overlords at the Bankingdrome may have blocked WordPress, and Joe may be trapped under something heavy, but we must not let the fact that Chicago Rush Touchdown Machine Bobby Sippio is now Kansas City Chiefs Roster Invitee Bobby Sippio go unremarked-upon. Of course, I have a rehearsal to be at in 30 minutes, so this is basically all the remarks that we’ll be making. Other than this: it’s about damned time. Too late to be in Madden, but what the hell. Plus, it gives me a chance to try to embed the following, which never extremely gradually gets old.

Never fear, extended family of Brett Dietz, I’m sure your son/nephew/second cousin/in-law (congrats, by the way) is on someone’s list. I’m almost kind of serious about that. Hope you’re enjoying the archives.




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