Out of Our Comas…

2 08 2007

Where Have You Been - Explodingdog.com

Briefly, anyway. Sooooooo… Yeah: that happened. We were up on Deadspin, and didn’t actually report on the game, because we did enough of that here. In any event: whee, yay fun.

The plan for this week was to recap what we got out of going to New Orleans (besides free food and carpal tunnel), as well as to decide what we’re going to do next. Unfortunately, real life got in the way. I know my esteemed co-editor is swamped at work, and my office has decided to block wordpress and any other blogging sites. That puts a crimp in the ol’ plans. So, if anyone wants to hire some random dude with a theatre degree, you know where to find me.

I’m going to get into a recap of the season eventually, but suffice it to say that we entered into this project for the purposes of having a regular target to make fun of, and ended up rather liking the sport. It was sort of weird, how it happened. We still won’t pretend to know what we’re talking about, but our setting of “Ironic Detachment (Cruel)” has shifted to “Ironic Semi-Detachment (Fondness)”.

What to do in the long months until the nets go back up? The title “It’s Still Football” could just as easily pertain to our alma mater, so we may throw up a post about Northwestern now and again, and if we come across weird football things that fall through the cracks, we’ll put them up. Of course, when Bobby Sippio gets picked up by the Bears, or something, we’ll weigh in. But we don’t really know what to do with ourselves. So, check in every now and then, and hopefully we’ll have something funny to say. Of course, if anyone out there has a suggestion, we’re open to it.

And, like I said, we still haven’t given the 2007 season the wrap-up that it’s due, so this isn’t a “signing off” post, or anything like that. I’m just ruminating because I can’t when I’m at work. Bastards.




3 responses

3 08 2007

I hope you guys keep this going, I’m an AFL fan and found out about the site from the Deadspin post. I’ve been reading some of the old posts and they are quite good, looking forward to reading into next season! Subscribed!

3 08 2007
Extra P.

I’m actually hoping to see you guys turn this into a CFL blog and end up at the Grey Cup.

10 08 2007

Yeah, CFL blogging time, they even have a team with stupid-combined-feline-name syndrome (Tigercats – that is worse than Sabercats yeah?).

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