Briefly: Hi, Mom of Brett Dietz!

29 07 2007

Brett Dietz? Brett Dietz.

We learned from no less an authority than the man himself that Brett Dietz’s mom has read It’s Still Football. Sorry for all the curse words, ma’am.

Eventually, you’ll see a video of Brett Dietz reading the original Brett Dietz post. I wish we had the foresight to pull up the one where we asked if, in Finland, instead of “Hut,” they say “Bork,” and the snap’s always on three, but I didn’t. We went up to him, pulled out my laptop, (he asked if we wanted him to sign my iBook, which also was funny) and explained what who we were. His immediate response:

“This is you guys? You guys wrote this? MY MOM told me about this. She wanted to know who wrote it! I told her I hoped it was a lady.”

Co-Rookie of the Year Charles Frederick also enjoyed the exchange. It bears repeating: arena football players are personable and awesome. So, thanks for reading, Mom of Brett Dietz! The video, and J’s commentary, below.

Oh, Brett Dietz. Nope, we’re a couple of dudes. Sorry to disappoint. However, we have a feeling the Ladies… would like to make your acquaintance.

Keep soldiering on, Brett, and make them Turku Trojans proud! Charles, we were very pleased to meet you as well. Next season we’ll be keeping tabs on you.

Mrs. Brett Dietz’s Mom, your son is, in the nomenclature of our times, “teh awsum“. We’ll try to keep the swears to a minimum.




2 responses

31 07 2007

You are correct. The Ladies… would be very pleased to make Brett Dietz’s acquaintance.

9 08 2007
Amy Fuller

Brett Dietz’s aunt has also read it…and his grandma and another aunt and …

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