New Orleans: only the strong survive

27 07 2007

The decision was made to leave Chicago at 7:30 and drive straight through to New Orleans. This means that right now, we look and feel like zombies.

The pictures that we’ve taken so far are enormous, and I have to size them down to be useful.

However, everyone has bent over backwards to help us out, and we do have these:


We’ll be funny eventually, I swear it. Right now, Joe’s having severe difficulties with his wifi, and I’m hungry and cranky. Other highlights, in photo form:

Joe Got Cut off

Joe doesn’t like getting cut off at 12:40 AM in the middle of nowhere, IL.


I Don’t Do Mornings

I am cranky – it is 7:30 AM, and I’ve slept in a bucket seat.

However, all is ultimately forgiven as we shower and hit Media Day, which was a hoot. We’ll recap that with video and photos as soon as Joe edits down the video. Until then:


Media Day!

This is really small, but we’re wandering around on the field…



Who is this?

I know this is small and blurry, but can anyone help us figure out what female ESPN personality this is? We’re baffled. I’ll make the picture bigger, but sadly, not less blurry…


More to come, including: We’re Tremendously Awkward!




4 responses

28 07 2007

Ellen DeGeneres? I thought he talk show was pretty successful, but maybe she’s picking up some extra scratch from the WWL.

31 07 2007

I believe it’s Mary Buckheit, writer for Page 2. I found your blog from Deadspin, cool stuff. And by the way, she may be cute but I believe she, ah, plays for the other team, if you know what I’m sayin.

31 07 2007

Yeah, we figured that out. Much, much later. And to great embarrassment. Thanks.

9 08 2007

Found you guys through Deadspin. Liked your Arena Bowl account. Had to write because Page 2’s Mary Buckheit lives in San Diego and I met her at a bar downtown once before a Padres game. She was with a pack of cute girls. I’ll admit it, I hit on her. I had no idea I had no chance. This makes me feel better. Thanks.

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