Kings of the road

26 07 2007

Nawlins, baby, Nawlins!

Ladies(…) and Gentleman, the time is here. In a scant few hours, TC and yours truly will embark on a voyage to New Orleans that promises to be filled with 14 hours of evading state police forces, drag racing gun-toting southerners with Confederate flags painted on their hoods, hours of mind-numbing uncomfortable silence, and a pair of severely chaffed asses. Waiting on the other side of that long, lonesome road is a weekend that promises endless shenanigans of a family-friendly nature, including, according to the ceaseless flood of press releases in our email accounts,

  • A media afternoon with full access to the players and coaches of both teams, and (what we’ll be most excited about following our drive) a lunch catered by Zea’s, who, among other accolades, won 2nd place in the 2005 Lafayette LRA Chocolate Indulgence Competition for their signature Chocolate Glaze Hot Chicken Wings.

  • The Discover Card Fan Fest, which on Sunday will feature AFL mascots and player autographing sessions, the 82nd Airborne (All-American Chorus), a dance performance by Aaron’s Dream Team, and concerts by Fleure D’Lis, Soul Rebels, and No Idea. The best part of this release is the bullet item “5pm – No Idea Concert” which tickles us in all the right grammatical places.

  • The game lead-off singing of the National Anthem led by, no joke, Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson.

In addition, we’ll also be privy to the 2nd annual AFL combine, a trip to the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, and a STYX concert, all with legitimate press passes. Can anyone say interview with Aaron’s Dream Team member Charlee?

Charlee may have made up her name

You say your favorite movie is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”? Why, I just happen to have a copy of the shooting draft and a Charlie Kauffman action figure, plus I’ve had children tell me I look like Jim Carrey!

Check in with us as we’ll be posting as frequently as possible throughout the weekend. We hope you’re ready for gratuitous use of our first-ever tag, “the worst idea ever”.

And by “worst”, we naturally mean “best”.




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