It’s Still Football Needs Your Input!

19 07 2007

Imprecise, I suppose, as we’re MEMBERS OF THE PRESS 
If you want to get technical, the newsies depicted weren’t members of the press.

As was implied yesterday, Joe and I will be hopping in either my private jet* or his luxury yacht** and heading to New Orleans for Super Arena Bowl XXI. (That strikethrough – awkward) That’s not the exciting news, though. The exciting news is that, as part of the AFL’s “Blog of a Lifetime” Hyperbolically Named Contest, your acerbic servants will be bona fide, accredited, members of the press corps. Eat your hearts out, Medill grads! With our unparallelled access access parallelled only by legitimate news agencies, we want to provide you, the fan (or otherwise curious party), with information you can use. To that end, we plan on passing along anything interesting from the press kit, as well as random-ass interviews with whoever we can get our hands on. Extra P wants us to interview the fans. Done and done. We’re more than open to ideas, and while we don’t necessarily want to make the Arena League Powers That Be regret giving bloggers press credentials, we’re willing to make as much trouble as we can get away with.

In order to blend in with the rest of the ink-stained wretches, we’re going to buy our fedoras, wear our ill-fitting suits, and correspond as often as we are able. Hopefully, we’ll be remarkably drunk during some of it.

Our to do list, as of lunchtime today:

  • Meet Commissioner Hagrid. Take picture of me being dwarfed by him. Perhaps have him palm my head. Then ask penetrating questions, perhaps pertaining to NFL Europe’s demise and the AFL’s relationship to the NFL. Discover whether or not he’s afraid of the Elway Coup.
  • See Styx. Seriously. They’re the entertainment on Saturday night. My friends and I called information one time and asked for “Tommy Shaw of Styx fame,” because we lived in the same suburb. Information hung up on us.
  • Go to/perhaps enroll Joe in the AFL combine. Interview hopefuls. Hopefully they will have entourages. I couldn’t figure out what the plural of “posse” is. They all looked wrong.
  • Talk to the Mikes. See what they’re really like. Follow them, while humming theme from The Odd Couple.
  • Drink.
  • There’s a 5AM tailgate. J wants to go in PJs. 
  • Ask funny questions in the press conferences that we’re allowed and encouraged to go to submitted by readers.
  • Hang out in the media’s hospitality suite and try to converse with foreign journalists.

That’s all we have for right now, as I recall. We have a week and change to make our plans. I’m giddy.

*2003 Ford Focus
**200X Oldsmobile Intriuge




6 responses

19 07 2007
Extra P.

Reader-submitted questions is a marvelous idea.

Sadly, I don’t have one. I used up my intellectual capacity suggesting crowd interviews.

19 07 2007

You may want to ask if the AFL is in the market for a Web development firm, given that their current minions can’t even keep message boards online 🙂

19 07 2007

Don’t get kicked out. Seriously. Sure, you’d be the toast of the remora circuit if you do (ahahahah blogers 2 intense for fake football WHERE IS MY ESPN MEMO ON THIS SUBJECT LOLZ??), but, not worth it.

Aside from that, how about building on the Better Know a Team Defunct concept. My suggestion: Defunct Franchise Scav Hunt/Bingo. (use that bracket-making technology again.) Put the logos of 25 dead teams in a bingo board (or maybe make Brett Dietz the free space) and pass out the cards to anybody who you can hit with a piece of paper. Over Arena Bowl Weekend they have to collect signatures from players, coaches, execs, concessionaires, etc. etc. who had a legit connection to that team. First to turn in a winning card gets… a ride in the Focus? One of Baker’s old Anaheim Pirahnas t-shirts (XXXL)? A ride in the Focus with Baker driving? See what you can put together.

19 07 2007

If you can talk to players, find out if they’re pissed that the IFAF World Cup took place during the arena season? Or maybe I’m the only one who’s still thinking about that…


19 07 2007

No worries, we’re not really going to cause trouble-trouble, but we’re going to try to amuse ourselves and the blogosphere. This is too exciting to get kicked out of.

9 09 2007
frrannnnkk peet

give it up !!!
maybe next seson
go for the next draft pick
forget about geting your name on history’s stone wall
Thank You MR. Jonhson……..

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