I, for one, welcome our new Dutch overlords.

4 07 2007

Start about 3:00 in. As if you’ve never seen this.

[Editor’s note: don’t get all pissed off by this post. This is called ‘satire’]

I’m not sure how, but apparently, a Google of one sort another led a regular contributor to an NFLE Amsterdam Admirals message boardhere. The text next to the link to our humble blogging abode: “Staan veel links op de site naar AFL.” Which, according to Babel Fish, means “To stand much left on the site to AFL.” Perfectly clear. Does anyone speak Dutch? We’d love to know if our bump in traffic was friendly, like when Disney invaded France, or hostile, like… when Disney invaded France.

Anyhow, I have a few questions for our sadly-now-without-a-football-diversion dictators:

  • So… do y’all speak English?
  • Did we do anything good for you in WWI or WWII?
  • Is everything we heard about Amsterdam in Pulp Fiction true?
  • Is rooting for the Turku Trojans an acceptable substitute in your post NFLE world?
  • Can we refer to you as “Danish overlords” too, or does that mean we’ve been taken over by pastries?

Anyhow, our condolences on your loss, but at least you can make a trip to London this fall to see a battle between two NFL powerhouses. By which I mean the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants.

Actually, both of those teams could probably get rocked by the Berlin Thunder (2-8, 0-5 at home). Which, incidentally, is where Travis Lulay ended up, since you asked.

Happy 4th of July, by the way. Go America.




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