I Still Exist, Too!

27 06 2007

I know that nobody really gives a rat’s behind about these filler posts of “I’m alive, and I’ll pretend to write some stuff,” but I’m going to do it anyway. I survived Phoenix and Vegas (gambling was bad for me), and now I’m back and ready to make fun of mid-level sports again. Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Playoffs! What the hell is going on with that shit?
  • Better Know a Team As They Get Eliminated In the Playoffs
  • Lies!
  • Damn Lies!
  • Statistics?
  • What Have We (Joe and I) Learned By Doing This?
  • A Real Live Blogroll

Oh, and I was at a bar in Tempe, and there were two larger gentlemen holding court in a booth in the middle of the room. I’m going to say that they were football players, and since they are at Arizona State University, I was probably looking at future Arena League players. I say this only to link something from my vacation ever-so-tenuously to the AFL.

To further mollify you, I have a picture of an Arizona Rattlers cheerleader. Angie apparently will be representing the team at the Arena Bowl in New Orleans as part of the Aaron’s Dream Team, which needs more research, I think. Enjoy.


[Update: I feel compelled to mention Arizona’s 2006 Dream Team member, Erica. Angie is a perfectly reasonable choice, but… I’ll let Erica speak for herself, through her photo.]





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