Preview for Monday Night (Arena) Football: Chicago at Colorado

18 06 2007


First off, my bad. I promised everyone a weekend post, and I totally failed. I spent Saturday at graduation ceremonies and playing softball in Grant Park (I turned a single into a super-scrappy double and may have sent a diminutive female 2nd baseman onto her ass, but she was totally standing on the bag), and that evening passed out as the stomach virus that incapacitated me Sunday totally destroyed my will to live, let alone my will to blog.

Though it has been quite difficult, I’ve managed to keep myself in an AFL media blackout, and Scout’s honor, tonight I’ll put together CMRP, Pillow Fight, and perhaps some quick Power Rankings, which I’ll then be able to immediately report on after posting.

What I won’t do tonight is watch Chicago at Colorado. They’re both in the playoffs, they’re both playing mediocre (which is quite the feat in the AFL, let me tell you), and frankly I’d rather clean my apartment and watch some Monday Night (Professional) Baseball, even if it is Boston and Atlanta.

Fine. I might tune in for a second or two, but only to see Sippio’s bright smiling face.

Also coming soon: a ton of shout-outs and the addition of a BLOG ROLL! What is a blog roll, you ask? We have no fucking idea either, but all the cool kids are doing it.

[Edited to add: I have no excuses. -TC]




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