Do you know who is interesting? Brett Dietz is interesting.

15 06 2007

Could he be the AFL’s Tom Brady?

Our good friends over at ArenaFan Online agree, which prompted an interesting email conversation between TC and myself following an alert tip from our boy Jason.

Jason (to tip line, including link to Arena Fan story): You guys know about this, I presume, and are just playing coy.  

TC (to me): Alternately, we’re idiots.

JFiz: There’s nothing here we didn’t know or write. Aside from him being a frontman for a Maroon 5 esqe band in college.

TC: Well, and he’s not from Finland.

JFiz: I could have told you that, dorkface.

TC: I thought he was actually FROM Finland.

JFiz: Your mom is from Finland.*

Which led me to reflect: I suppose I never actually mentioned that he grew up in Kentucky and played at Hanover College where he kicked some fo’ serious ass, but just marveled at the fact that he spent some of his time playing in Finland.

I’m sorry if I led you astray. My bad.

Error of omission on my part? Perhaps. Does this change the awesomeness that flows from Dietz like whiskey in Ireland or vomit on St. Patrick’s Day? Nay.

The only downside is he’ll never utter Garo Yepremian-esqe football platitudes, which in AFL terms, would probably be something like “I makes net ball!”. 

*Not actually emailed.

[Ed. note: Power Rankings, CMRP, and Pillow Fight will be posted in bonus weekend coverage! (read: I am fucked at work right now) Also, apparently you can listen to AFL chattah on Sirius radio. So, yeah.]

[TC note: I really didn’t know a lot of the stuff that was in that article, because I’ve been content to roll around like a dog in the knowledge that he played in Finland. I’m not very smart sometimes.]

[J Fiz note: because of the tremendous smirk I uttered at TC’s note, everyone in my office thinks I have Irritable Bowl Syndrome.]




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17 06 2007

I really enjoy the blog, guys. It’s good to know there are other AFL nutjobs out there.

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