Arena Bowl XXI tickets!

13 06 2007

Not actually a crowd of Arena Football fans

You can’t have any!

If you had planned on heading down to the Big Easy for Arena Bowl XXI (Official Motto: Holy Shit, We’ve Been Doing This For 21 Years?), the game is sold out, the first-ever for a neutral-site (AFL) championship game.

If you had your heart set on attending, it’s time to get your ass on the Ebays. I think TC and I will sit this one out, unless, of course, the AFLWA decides to sponsor us and set us up with a fat expense account to cover late night pizza orders needed to supplement heavy tequila drinking sessions with loose women and on-duty cops.

Yeah, we’ll be watching on ABC like everyone else.




2 responses

29 06 2007

i’ll be there and yall won’t, lol

11 09 2007

I was in person for the game, my reward for being a Voodoo season ticket holder, mid field, 15th row.. It was awesome and the entry price was worth it.

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