Topical? No. Self-Serving? Um, Yeah.

11 06 2007

Good news, It’s Still Football Readers! Both members of the editorial cabal survived the first round of the Ladies… Gauntlet of Eventual Shame. I, for reasons that involve Higher Maths, got relocated to the Campbell Conference Region. So, look for me there, where I am contending against Tom, an NFL Fanhouse writer. That’s personally troubling, as they are, on the whole, rather talented. However, I remain a brooding actor in my picture. Look how deep I am!

J Fizzle remains in the Mid-Atlantic Conference and matches up against Precious Roy from Kermit the Blog. [Co-editor’s note: seriously, read his post – you’ll get four credits for intermediate statistics at any accredited university. Plus, Barry Bonds can suck our collective nuts] Hey, Roy, nice Godot joke; we’ll just be hiding in these trash cans, waiting to make our Samuel Beckett references. However, I’m not sure if we have any response to your statistical analysis. I’ll let JF handle that. [Co-editor’s note: see above. Barry Bonds can suck our collective nuts – JFiz]

[UPDATE: Roy made a few (deserved) pokes at your black-and-white photographed editor, and as you can see in the comments section it’s all in good fun – I’m squared off against a gentleman and a scholar, who happens to be one hell of a writer and completely right about my handle]

Now, mobilize, you several dozen denizens of the It’s Still Football Nation Municipality Rural Area! As Aristotle said: “Vote or die!”




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