When I close my eyes, I have visions of Brett Dietz

6 06 2007

Could he be the AFL’s Tom Brady?

Maybe it’s because I just like QB’s named Brett. More likely, thought, it’s because since Dietz has joined the Storm, Tampa Bay has gone 5-1. They have a legitimate shot of making the playoffs. Just like the Steelers in 2005. Except Dietz isn’t an over-rated meathead of a QB.

We’re talking about the same team for which I began writing “Ode to Tampa Bay” two months ago, which didn’t get much farther than “Oh Tampa Bay, oh Tampa Bay,/You play as bad as Temple”.

Dietz is 136/198 for 1,578 yards, 31 TDs, 6 INTs, and with an average of 11.6 yards per completion, is holding an impressive QB rating of 119.0. He’s roughly on track with NY returnee and resident savior Aaron Garcia, any deficiencies in stats can be forgiven by the simple fact that Garcia is a seasoned (salted? whatever the term is, it makes me think of french fries) veteran, and Dietz’ previous experience is in the af2 and the Finnish pros.

Some things I’d like to know about the Finnish professional football league, by the way:

  1. There’s a professional football league in Finland?
  2. Are the balls manufactured by Ikea?
  3. Seriously, there’s a pro football league in Finland?

Anyhow, we’re beginning to wonder if, in our growing tradition of tagging AFL QBs that remind us of NFL players, if Dietz will become ‘Tom Brady 2.0’ – he comes out of relative obscurity to become one of the best players in the game.

I suppose ‘The af2’s Kurt Warner’ would work too. Anyhow, go Brett Dietz go. Thank you for making the stretch interesting!

Now please kindly get out of my dreams. Thanks.




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