Breaking: Ladies(…) Not Repulsed By Arena Football

6 06 2007

This morning, I woke up to two exciting things: first, a family of rabid wolverines has taken up residence in my throat and they’ve decided to renovate using pointed sticks. Second, the Ladies… Hot Blogger Bracket is out, and your esteemed editors are in! And seeded rather favorably, I might add!

J said, “considering I submitted kind of a weak post, and my pic makes me look vaguely like a serial killer or at least big D&D fanatic, I’m thrilled to be in,” which I think is being a little hard on himself. I think he was criminally underseeded, and I’m criminally overseeded, but that’s neither here nor there. I think I got bonus points for using my picture as Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

I’m in the Region of Death – it’s insane. I almost listed and linked the dozen people in that region that I’m terrified of, but I figured that wouldn’t be sporting. Or something. Joe’s in an equally dangerous region, but I don’t feel like it’s quite as stacked.

So, yeah, vote for us! You can read other reasons why you should do so in the post where we compared ourselves to James K. Polk. Where, oddly, J Fizzle also references D&D. Hm… What level elf mage are you, sir? Also, for your enjoyment, after the jump, our entry e-mail.

Dear Ladies:

The Writers of It’s Still Football, the premiere (only) AFL blog on the Intertubes, would like to humbly throw our (Northwestern University logoed) hats into the ring for the Ladies… “Hot Bloggers Bracket.” As our entry announcement states, we may not be traditionally “hot” in that we could use adjectives like “rippling,” “chiseled,” or “hairless” to describe ourselves, but we certainly fall into the category of “cute,” “delightful to be around,” and “possessed of decent heinies.” Feel free to peruse through the rest of the flickr group, but – per your instructions – our single selections are the ones linked below.

The Rundown:
TC: What he lacks in height, he makes up for in charm. Currently an actor in Chicago (yes, one of the pictures in the flickr group is his headshot, in case, you know, The Starter Wife knows somebody…), as well as possessed of a crappy day job, he has blue eyes, which somebody has to like. With respect to his writing, perhaps you enjoyed this? Another good one was the haiku power rankings, if you’re willing to look at some more material. Teams: Northwestern, White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, Notre Dame.

J Fizzle: Makes up for TC’s lack of height with height. Also charming. Currently a Screenwriter-In-Exile -Turned-Aspiring-Children’s-Author in Chicago as well as a cubicle-jockey, “The Fiz” lives in the shadows of the Friendly Confines, and enjoys the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Bears, and pretending he’s Joe Montana in the 1981 NFC Championship. He wrote this and did the Zaprudering of the fan interference incident.

We may not be the most widely-read blog on the ‘net, but we’re getting a kick out of writing about mediocre football, and all of the sex it’s inevitably going to lead to.

Full disclosure: we met while members of the Northwestern University Marching Band, so perhaps we could be considered for a Play-In Game of Dorks. I don’t think our friendship would be strained by pitting us against each other. (Though it might be.)

Respectfully, as you could probably crush us both with your wit and your fury,
TC/J Fizzle




2 responses

6 06 2007
Dan L.

As your first-round opponent, I extend my hand in solidarity.

May the best ballot box stuffer win.

6 06 2007

To you, as well, sir. Good luck!

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