Week 14 CMRP + Weekend Pillow Fight

1 06 2007

UPDATE: TC’s canuck-inspired post is way funnier than this, so I’ll put a break right at the top so you can still see his. Oh, we loves us our Shaun King! 

As the AFL Race Claw to the Playoffs continues, this weekend we could see three teams clinch playoff berths and join the ranks of the No Shit This Team Is In the Playoffs pool that currently includes Dallas, Georgia, Chicago, and San Jose; this week Kansas City, Colorado, and Orlando – yes, Team Other Gruden – could reach the playoffs with wins. Luckily for Team Other Gruden, they’re not playing Monday Night (Arena) Football. Unluckily for Team Other Gruden, they’re facing TC-favorite San Jose. If I were Momma Gruden, I wouldn’t start baking that congratulatory apple pie quite yet.

Sadly, this has been quite the week for your favorite J-monikered editor; life has been so absurdly busy at the office I completely forgot there is an oasis of wholesome-stripper-goodness/incredibly-depressing-lonely-creepy-men-with-money-hideaway literally a stone’s throw across the street. I didn’t even have time to properly berate my co-editor’s Chicago White Sox’ unfortunately inept sweeping by the hands of my favorite-since-birth Minnesota Twins. Until just now.

Anyhow, let’s jump right to it:

CAN’T MISS RANDOM PICK: Holy balls, we’re only back to .500 at 6-6 with this? Okay, the biggest mis-match of the week appears to be… Kansas City versus Grand Rapids? The Brigade is on the road, but they’re reaching for the playoffs.

Fine. We’ll put our money on Raymond “Doug Flutie-ish?” Philyaw over Brian “Beats You Without Remorse” Gowins. Home team in CAPS.

Kansas City 64; GRAND RAPIDS 42.

Yes, I’ll use this picture again, fuck you very much


Four words:





Wow. Historically bad teams this season. What’s even more amazing is that it isn’t out of the question for Tampa Bay to make the playoffs if they can win 3 of their last 4. Go Brett Dietz, go! Make those Turku Trojans proud!

By the way, we love the Google image search results from your name.




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16 12 2007

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