Hey, Hoser, You Got Reverse Kurt Warner, eh?

31 05 2007

Even in the midst of the announcement that another football league is gestating in the sports womb of three dudes, It’s Still Football is committed to being your source for all things King. Shaun King, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then Las Vegas Gladiators, continues his tour of major professional leagues, landing in Hamilton, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario, Canada. (Yes, I had to look it up.) He will play for the Tiger-Cats of the CFL, where they hope he can continue to excel, or at least do whatever it is he does. He’ll be competing for the starting spot with four others, including incumbent Jason Maas, a couple other guys and … NCAA record holder Timothy Kealii’okaaina Awa Chang! I wondered where he went. And where all those vowels came from.

Personally, I find this notable: where most journeyman players have to learn a new playbook when hopping from team to team, Shaun has had the arduous task of learning three new rulebooks.

So, good on you, Reverse Reverse Tangential Kurt Warner: keep hurling those oblong spheroids at people dressed roughly in the same colors you happen to be wearing.

Shaun King 2

“A rouge? Fuck you – you just made that shit up. And there’s no fucking ‘c’ in defense.”




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