I stand corrected

22 05 2007

What a difference a QB makes

Ladies (Ladies…?) and gentlemen, my humility leaves me no choice but to address everyone directly and in the first person, not like my usual ISF Royal We, and drop a big mea culpa. I was wrong about the Philadelphia Soul.

I wrote them off because they had a first-week bye (like the barely .500 Can’t Miss Random Pick, for which I also apologize – randomness and I do not good bedfellows make). I wrote them off because they were in a tail-spin with the loss of mildly-Joe-Montana-ish Tony Graziani, and it seemed that nothing could pull them back into the playoffs. I wrote them off because I assumed since they are an AFL team, they are incapable of playing defense.

I was wrong.

The mere presence of Graziani charged the Soul squad, to the point where the Soul defense was out-scoring the Voo Doo offense going into the fourth quarter.

Even had Graziani not returned this game, third string backup Leon Murray probably would have likewise led the Soul to victory – he was 3/3 for 15 yards. And 2 TDs.

By the middle of the second quarter, it was clear: this was no pillow fight. Philly has a legitimate shot to run for the playoffs, right along with Dallas and Georgia (but not necessarily a Bobby Sippio-less Chicago).

This was not a pillow fight. Philly put on a clinic. It was an out and out rout.

They even would’ve beat the Cavs.




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