Briefly: More Stories We Didn’t Break

21 05 2007

Because I cringe whenever I catch an AFL headline on Deadspin – at whose quasi-underground teat we (too) often suckle – that we didn’t break, I feel compelled to link back to it. Because, you know, we get a lot of traffic that they might not receive.

Wait, no. That’s not quite right.

In any event, apparently Quincy Carter, late of the Cowboys, Jets, Alouettes, ‘Dawgs, and Chicago Cubs organizations,  is playing for the af2’s Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings. I’m having a difficult enough time parsing AFL Prime teams and strategy and whatnot, and I only know that Shreveport exists because of the Independence Bowl, so this flew well under my radar. But he’s having a bit of a time down there in Random-Ass Louisiana. He’s been suspended for missing team meetings. Oops. The commentary on AOL Fanhouse and Deadspin are easily snarky enough for us, so I recommend you amuse yourselves there. My take is that Mr. Carter is another example of a wildly athletic young man who had the most damnable time of getting his act together. It’s sad, really.

Also, so everyone knows, I have the fullest confidence in the ability of the Desperados, Rush, Force, and maybe SaberCats to wax whoever ended up playing in the Independence Bowl.




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