16 05 2007


It looked like this day would provide no time for your favorite J-Named Co-Editor of Sass™ to pry himself of his ever-increasing duties at the office (none of which, sadly, involve the strip club across the street) to drop some AFL nuggets onto the Internets, but this warranted tacking on an extra half-hour in the cubicle tonight.

Adrian McPherson, ladies (Ladies…?) and gentlemen, is once again on a roster.

For the powerhouse known as the Grand Rapids Rampage (3-7).


“McPherson joins the Rampage after spending the first nine games of the season with the Austin Wranglers. The 6-3, 185-pound Florida State University product spent two seasons (2001-02) with the Seminoles before joining the AFL and the Indiana Firebirds in 2004. That year, McPherson won the AFL Rookie of the Year award, throwing for 2,965 yards and 56 touchdowns while rushing for 259 yards and 19 scores in just 14 games.

…’McPherson’s a player with tremendous athletic ability who was highly sought after throughout the league during the offseason,” said Sparky McEwen, Rampage head coach and director of football operations. “Above all else, he gives us depth. If something were to happen to Chad, our trigger man, he’d be able to step in and perform at a high level.'”

Have no fear, loyal readers. Adrian is once again gainfully employed (as a back-up QB), and Blitz may have a chance to live up to his nickname.

The Byron Leftwich 2.0 tag lives on.




4 responses

17 05 2007

I always enjoy seeing fellow Seminoles play. Despite the dissapointment he brought to FSU, which subsequently had to let Chris Rix start for 4 years, Adrian McPherson was fun to watch.

17 05 2007

grand rapids can have our former guy, he already did enough damage to the voodoo this year

18 05 2007
dan deltz

I think it just goes to show you how much the quality of play has improved the past few years. In 2004 Mcpherson was rookie of the year and tore up the league, now he’s the new water boy in Grand Rapids.

7 09 2007
His sister

I just would like to say to all of you that judge my Godbrother Adrian. Yes he made his mistakes like anyother person but you see he’s learned from that so why won’t you ignorant people give him a chance to prove himself. If it were for that situation at FSU my brother would be the top QB in the NFL and that I know. He’s an outstanding QB that made a bad decision he’s moved on so why won’t you.

Love you Bro
Ya sis D-Ray

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