You got psyched by Peter King

15 05 2007

Better stats than Dr. Dolezel!

If you were hoping to catch a glimpse of the AFL’s Premiere WR, Bobby Sippio, tearing it up against Dallas last night on the illustrious ESPN2 after getting a tip from beloved curmudgeon Peter King, you were bound to be disappointed. Not only because you were watching the AFL on ESPN2, but because Bobby Sippio, lauded as “The AFL’s Jerry Rice” (only by us), suffered an ankle injury in the first quarter and saw only limited play.

We have to give it to Matt D’Orazio who, despite as we have previously mentioned seems largely ineffective without Sippio to throw to, managed to keep Chicago in the game and take the lead late in the 4th quarter. Dr. Dolezel, however, put Dallas up 52-48 with three seconds left. Would it have been a different game had Sippio been in? Probably.

Would Sippio have been injured had Peter King not advised a nation of pseudo-coffee-snobs to tune in? Knowing how superstitious Chicago sports fans can be, we can say, without a doubt, this is all King’s fault.




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5 01 2010

good good study

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