Briefly: Watch Tonight’s Game!

14 05 2007

Nothing really to report from the weekend, a weekend that will be cleverly recapped after your TWO Monday Night (Arena) Football games tonight. However, Peter King, of Sports Illustrated had rather nice things to say about the game tonight that won’t make your eyes bleed. I’ll embed the statement right here; if you want to read it in it’s original near-total-lack-of-context, you can hit that link.

From Mr. King’s 10 Things I Think I Think column, 5/14/07:

7. I think it might be worth a few minutes tonight, if you can tear yourself away from Cavs-Nets or Marlins-Pirates, to catch a few snaps of the Chicago-Dallas Arena game. It’s the best two teams in the league (they’re a combined 17-2), and there’s an intriguing player in the game — 6-3, 220-pound Chicago receiver Bobby Sippio, who might engender a small bidding war (very small) between NFL teams at the end of the Arena season in July. He’s a big receiver, obviously, not just the typical Arena smurf, and he’s on pace to catch 71 touchdowns. I have no idea what that means in the real world, but in Arenaball, it’d be an all-time record. The game’s on ESPN2 at 8:30 Eastern.

Thanks, PK! Your insane ramblings are a credit to your periodical. I’d actually be really thrilled if more writers start giving some Arena players their due, especially Sippio. That being said, I, like, Peter King have no idea how to translate numbers from Arena Football to real life. You may as well just say that Sippio’s on track to catch plodz touchdowns this year, which would beat the record of frood touchdowns, set in ninteen-zibbity-arf.

Here’s the thing, though: If the second half of the season at least retains the momentum of the first half, the AFL has to count this season as a success. If the playoffs are any good, the meager fanbase could be meausrably expanded. It might not be enough to thrill the kids from Bristol who are beginning to have that cat-pee smell of desperation about them already, but it’ll be good for the league.

I mean this in all earnestness – I’ve turned the snarking sign off for the moment – I’d like to see this gain some kind of vague hold in the sporting consciousness. It’s a gimmicky sport, sure, and there’s a lot of mediocrity, but there’s legitimate competition taking place, and it’s something people can a) afford and b) get excited about. Taking all that into account, the Dallas-Chicago game tonight is kind of a big deal. If you’re a casual reader who wandered over from Deadspin or something because we can occasionally turn a phrase, give the game a moment of your time. They’re the two best teams in the league, Dolezel has the wherewithal to play quarterback at any level, and D’Orazio-to-Sippio is the most exciting connection in the league this year. It’ll likely be a barn-burner. And the two defenses are among the hardest-hitting, so the few passes that don’t go for scores are likely to involve some pretty good blow-ups. Watch. Maybe? NFL Fanhouse even agrees with us.




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15 05 2007
carl richards

I like that you guys give the AFL pretty good coverage, but why so many childish put-downs and mocking this great league. Ratings are decent, 10% better than ESPN2 usual monday night timeslot. Crowds are getting bigger, merchandise is selling, and theres nearly 100 teams in af2, NIFL,IFL,AIFA, and various other indoor leagues. I just wish a little more time could be spent on breaking down the strategies and matchups of the league instead of making cracks at its loyal fanbase.

16 05 2007

@ carl richards:

I say BLAH! to you, sir. We all know there is an inherently silly element to this sport, and for some of us, the attitude is part of the fun, and this level of “analysis” is about all we care to digest.

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