Wiki-Worthy: Chris Conlin

10 05 2007

In this semi-regular series, we shall examine someone affiliated with the Arena Football League who meets Wikipedia’s strict standards for inclusion, and then attempt to either elaborate on the entry or make a joke about their alma mater or arrest record. Today, MIA former Arizona Rattlers Line Coach Chris “Bucky” Conlin.   

Despite the nickname, no visible buck teeth

The second installment in the Wiki-Worthy! series is a bit misleading: following extensive research on the Internets, it seems as though Chris “Bucky” Conlin, who served as a Line Coach for the Arizona Rattlers in at least 2000-2003, is not currently on the Arena Football map, contrary to his Wikipedia entry.

You know what? We don’t care. This guy kicks ass, so we’ll profile him anyway.

REASON #1 CHRIS “BUCKY” CONLIN KICKS ASS: Following five years in the NFL as an OT with the Dolphins and the Colts after being drafted in the 5th round in 1987, an “injury-plagued” Conlin moved on to the AFL. In ’93 he played for the Miami Hooters. In ’94, he played for the Massachusetts Marauders. In ’95, he won an Arena Bowl title with the Tampa Bay Storm. Under prolific AFL QB Other Gruden. Fantastic.

REASON #2 CHRIS “BUCKY” CONLIN KICKS ASS: Although they lost in the final round of the playoffs to the Orlando Predators, who would go on to win the 2000 Arena Bowl, Conlin coached an Arizona line that was #1 in rushing defense and #2 in scoring defense. You read that right: this guy succeeded in making an AFL team play a little D.

REASON #3 CHRIS “BUCKY” CONLIN KICKS ASS: Welcome to the real reason we wrote this column.

Chris “Bucky” Conlin was an All American OT with the Penn State Nittany Lions in 1986.

1986. The season that Penn State became the national champs after beating the Miami “Thug U” Hurricanes in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl.

Bucky was putting up blocks for John Shaffer, the QB that proved you don’t always need to be good enough to win, just good enough not to lose.

As fans of the Chicago Bears, we know that all too well.

By the way, in the movie of his life, Conlin will most likely be portrayed by a majorly-beefed-up Seann William Scott.

It’s in the eyebrows.




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2 06 2008
leon ward

Chris Conlin’s nickname growing up in Oreland, PA was not “Bucky”. It was “Buckwheat”.

9 12 2009


17 05 2013

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