You Know Who Else Was a Dark Horse? James K. Polk.

8 05 2007

In the annals of questionable decisions, electing to create a blog about the Arena Football League ranks as pretty ludicrous. We knew this: very few things could guarantee us fewer readers for our clever-ish writing. Another thing we know: we’re not going to be mistaken for a latter-day Adonis any time soon. Therefore, when the Ladies… announced that they’ve decided to form a “Hot Bloggers Bracket,” I immediately said, “It would be a terrible idea to enter ourselves! It’s ideal!” J-F responded, “It’s like they’re the soccer-team high school clique and as AFL bloggers, we’re like the Dungeons and Dragons crew,” and lo, it was to be.

Mind you, we’re not monstrous; in fact, there have been ladies (small “l” for now, perhaps a capital “L” later?) who find us downright attractive. One girl, specifically, found us both attractive, each in our own unique way, as we are not twins. Maybe Twins, but not twins. And only one of us would want to be a Twin. And I’m not fat and bald, like Danny Devito. But I digress. What we may lack in, say, abdominal definition and, in my case, what the Europeans refer to as “Height,” we certainly make up for in wit. It’s rapier-like, as I’m sure you’re aware … ladies.

Since we have to submit photos, here are some of us being harmless, delightful chaps, occasionally in a sporting context.




2 responses

9 05 2007

I will help spearhead the ballot box-stuffing, if you get in the running. [insert Chicago election joke here]

9 05 2007

Hey, you are listed as “a fastest growing blog” … I just wanted to let you know that football is about kicking the ball with THE FOOT and NOT ABOUT caring it with around …..

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