Can’t Miss Random Pick Pity Party

8 05 2007

More sad than Bobby Sippio blowing off SportsNation (or whatever it is he did – we think he must have had a good reason to not show up, or at least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves) is that the CMRP is struggling more than the Philadelphia Soul who managed to poop themselves defensively vs. the Kansas City Brigade. In any event, once again, we whanged our pick, going with New York over Columbus. This was wrong. Our horses were hitched to the triumphant return of New York QB Aaron Garcia whose 5 TDs equalled Matt Nagy‘s total, but his two picks dropped the CMRP to 4-5, and the Dragons to 2-7.

Chris Griesen would be up for a midseason award if we were into that sort of thing, but since the research involved makes us want to take a nap instead, we’ll just say that he’s pretty good, and he and his Georgia Force teammates beat Orlando in a walk, 55-34. Georgia still sits atop whatever conference they’re in. The Prince of Wales Conference or something.

We’ll skip right to the Most Motor-Skills-Challenged of the Week award, because I want to mention the porous defense of the Nashville Kats. Whom I have decided I hate, because of their stupid logo, stupid spelling of Kats, and stupid Jeff Smoker. But they let somebody named Timon Marshall (who I sincerely hope is from Athens, GA, or OH, or something) wreck them in all phases. You can’t blame the defense for Timon of Athens’ fumble recovery for a TD, but you can blame them for the kick return and for the rushing TD and reception TD. From now on, the most impressive offensive performance of the week gets the Timon of Athens’ Obscene Wealth Award. He hit for the cycle this week. Good for him.

Okay. It’s after lunch now. I had work to do right after lunch in the ol’ Bankingdrome, so it’s after that, too.

Dallas beat a sneakyUtah team 66-59 with a TD pass in the closing seconds. Joe Germaine and the Blaze could make some noise, but they’re still a shootout team that can’t stop anybody. (Anyone remember them losing to Arizona 83-69 a couple weeks ago?)

Speaking of Arizona, they lost to San Jose, a team that keeps winning respectably and with slightly silly helmets. The SaberCats are 6-3 – who knew? Their only questionable loss is to New Orleans.

Which makes for another easy segue! Wait, no it doesn’t – the VooDoo had a bye week. Whoops. Well, I still hate the commercial for the Arena Bowl with all the Dixieland music. It’s just weird.

Los Angeles clobbered the pathetic Gladiators on Sunday night, with Las Vegas again not scoring any damn points (relatively speaking, of course, for the Arena League). How did they beat Grand Rapids 79-69 in week two? What happened? I’m so confused. Anyway, they’ve been ruled ineligible for the MMSC award for the rest of the year unless they do something remarkably inept.

Did I miss anybody? I hope not. That’s the weekend. In Review.




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