Is It That Time Already?

7 05 2007

Holy crap, guys, we made it through half a season of Arena Football! I know this because Grampa Gary has some midseason awards. Well, we’ll just have to get on the stick and start giving out the “coveted” It’s Still Football midseason awards pretty soon. Be on the lookout for that. Over the weekend you didn’t watch: Las Vegas’  comprehensive ineptitude; Georgia’s continuation of their winning streak; Dallas’ surviving against the mysteriously-dangerous Blaze; Philly’s disconcerting slide; Grand Rapids’ and San Jose’s tidy wins; Tampa Bay’s dispatching Austin; and the CMRP’s choke job re: New York vs. Columbus. Further analysis will be provided, post-tonight’s MN(A)F game at the Allstate Rosemont Arena Horizon. Colorado at Chicago. They have it going on.

Quick note on that game, by the by: if the Rush play like they did last week, they’re screwed. The wheels are falling off of Philadelphia’s season, and Juston Wood put a bit of a scare into the Rush last week. Columbus, meanwhile, is taking the opposite vector, and getting things together. This could be a close game. Of course, my saying that probably means it’s going to be a blow out. Whatever.

This has been a placeholder post to remind the ISF team that they might want to work on some mid-season posts, what with Grampa Gary rousting himself from his barcalounger and turning the volume down on Fox News Channel to bang out his midseason awards on his IBM Selectric, putting the column in an envelope, addressing it to “, The Internet, USA,” and having his assistant intercept it and post it.

P.S. I’m not reading Grandpa Gary’s column until I write some funny midseason stuff, so I won’t have foreknowledge of what our fine brittle friend thinks. Any agreement with that specific coot, therefore, will be purely coincidental.




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