Infiltrating SportsNation: Bobby Sippio breaks our hearts

7 05 2007

DOES NOT WANT TO CHATThe gents of ISF were totally excited to heap praise upon Chicago Rush WR/Demigod Bobby Sippio as he joined ESPN’s SportsNation this afternoon.

We were going to ask him about his glue-soaked man/bear claws, what it’s like to have wings for feet and Pennzoil GT Performance Grade for blood.

We were going to congratulate him for dominating the AFL, and thank him for giving all six Chicago-based diehard AFL fans (we are not ‘diehard’ or even ‘fans’) a hope for at least one professional football title this year.

He didn’t show.

We’re going to go softly cry in the men’s room, suck our thumbs, and regret the fact we’re going to be pulling for Chicago in tonight’s C/Rush Bowl on ESPN2 as the Rush host Elway’s boys from Colorado, even though we’ll be downing Breyer’s and going through boxes of tissues.

The worst part is that we know deep in our hearts that if he apologized, we would forgive him in a second, only to be stood up again. At least we’re not rearing any of his children.




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